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The classical tradition of Yagyu Shingan ryu as a whole is an ancient tradition of Heiho (Strategy and Tactics) founded by Takenaga Hayato during the early Edo period (circa 1600). The Heiho of Yagyu Shingan ryu emphasises old customs, various weapons and kacchu yawara (grappling in armour) and has a reputation for its lethal intent. Currently, it is practiced predominately in Japan, but there are authorised branches in both Northern Europe and Australia. This site is for the Northern Europe branch of Yagyu Shingan ryu.

Shimazu Kenji sensei is the headmaster of Yagyu Shingan ryu 'Chikuosha'. The Yagyu Shingan ryu was first introduced and demonstrated in Australia in 1988. He was the first headmaster to expose the tradition to non Japanese, when the Australia branch was established outside Japan. It was here in Australia that Per Eriksson first came in contact with Yagyu Shingan Ryu which later led to his own opening of a dojo in Northern Europe.

The school, although immortalised in fiction as a famous school of swordsmanship, is a holistic martial art (Sogo Bujutsu). It encompasses a comprehensive jujutsu (yawara) syllabus, which since the demise of the Samurai towards the end of the Edo period and the prohibition of wearing swords at the beginning of the Meiji period has become a major focus within the tradition. Yagyu Shingan ryu's weaponary syllabus not only includes the Katana (Batto and Kenjutsu) but many others, including but not limited to yari, kodachi, yoroidoshi and the three stable weapons - jingama, bashin and hananejibo. The encompassing nature of the style also includes Shuriken, Torite, Hojo Jutsu, Bojutsu, Kappo (healing & resusitation methods), Shinpo (esoteric teachings) and numerous other ancient art forms. It is this tradition, in its entirety, which has been preserved throughout the generations.


Source: http://www.shinganryu.org/

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